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It's a fast and secure way to stay in touch with your credit card activities. The e-Services program includes:
  • Audi Cards Online: Where you can get real-time information on your credit card accounts through the Internet. You can view all your card activities, whenever it's convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, simply by using secure password access.
  • SMS Alerts Service: This is an automatic notification service through SMS that will keep you informed and updated on your credit card activity.
  • E-Statement: Through this service, you will be able to receive your card's monthly statement of account directly to your personal e-mail free of charge.

Audi Assist*
Take advantage of Audi Assist program to lighten your busy schedule. From arranging dinner reservations, auto assistance services, even planning your special occasions, enjoy our premium services and save time for the more important things in life.

Insurance Programs*
  • Travel & Medical Accident Insurance up to $100,000:
    Whenever your airline tickets are purchased with your card, you will automatically benefit from this coverage during your travel.
  • Purchase Protection Insurance up to $1,500:
    All purchases made with your card will be covered against theft, loss or damage.

Shine Package*
You will receive your Shine card in a "trendy package" that includes valuable gifts and offers

*Only for full-option cards